There are two common, but dangerous, misconceptions in the athletic world today. The first is assuming strength coaches build athletes. In this scenario, strength coaches play the role of scientist, subjecting teams of guinea pigs to revolutionary training protocols to get a leg up on opponents. Conversely, the second misconception ignores the role of the strength coach entirely. It adopts the idea that athletes are naturally gifted and will find success regardless of what program they follow or who coaches them through it. With regards to the former, athletic victory would not belong to the athlete but to the coach who made the athlete. As for the latter, why hire a strength coach at all?

The reason these two misconceptions are so dangerous is that they ignore the core aspect of competitive athletics, and ascribe success to individuals rather than to teams. Individuals do not win Super Bowls, Stanley Cups, or World Series – teams do. Teams succeed when individuals join together, create a strategy, and chase a shared goal together despite the perceived odds. This is the beauty of competitive sports, yet in today’s culture of fame-worship and highlight reels it is often forgotten. Ad driven propaganda like Sports Illustrated only exacerbates this problem.

At Stadium Performance we understand that strength coaches and athletes are not independent, but interdependent. One cannot succeed without the other. As an athlete, your body is a high-performance machine not unlike a Formula 1 racecar. Tremendous potential lies dormant beneath the hood, waiting to be unleashed by you, the driver. Strength coaches are your pit crew, ensuring that you’re firing on all cylinders no matter what kind of race you’re in. Just as the pit crew will monitor the car’s vital signs and communicate with the driver to warn him of hazard on the track ahead, so too will strength coaches analyze an athlete and make necessary adjustments to workouts. No strength coach can build you a new “car”; you get the one you were born with and that’s it. What we can do is refine it. Where the pit crew offers tire rotations and refueling, we provide ongoing assessments that continuously highlight strengths and address weaknesses.

Our strength coaches, like any great pit crew, will help you stay on track for the long run. At Stadium Performance we like to say, “You bring the scouts to the game, we’ll keep them from leaving.” Our athletes have the talent and the skill, we merely give them durability. We don’t want credit for your success – we want credit for your continued success, week after week and season after season. Your continued health and fitness is our success.

Strength coaches are strong, loud, and empowering. We don’t build stars because stars are useless on their own. Instead, we put the team front and center. Our athletes are great team players and great teammates, and therefore successful. Can a driver race without his pit crew? Absolutely. Will he win? Not a chance. Join our team. We’ll help you become the winning driver you were born to be.

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