Dear Jim, We Dream. We Overcome. We achieve.

Buried beneath 13,000 views of an online Chronicle episode spotlighting Stadium Performance a few weeks ago, a man named Jim attempted to crush dreams before they had a chance to begin.

Dear Stadium Performance athletes,

I played four years of college sports. One in a million go on beyond that level. The time is better spent in the college library, taking two majors, and getting valuable internships in professional career fields – not playing fields. Later, your family will thank you, your bank account will thank you, and your undamaged body will thank you.

Jim, Salem MA

The toxic mentality our high school athletes have to deal with on a daily basis has to end. From coaches, to spectators, peers, teammates, and opponents, we all have to place greater belief in the possibility of success rather than the occurrence of failure. The sooner we realize that the existence of the highly improbable is as likely as the non-existence of the highly probable, the quicker we will support every dream we encounter. Stadium Performance stands tall for you. Talking down to our athletes will not be tolerated.

Dear Jim,

We too will play four years of college sports. Although we may not progress beyond that point, we will benefit from doubters like you and the injuries we overcome along the way. Our friendships, families, and professional careers will flourish because of the gift of condescension you have imposed on us. We have dreams – dreams you do not have the right to take away.

Kind Regards,

Stadium Performance athletes (specifically, the ladies)

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