Metabolic Conditioning Brings College Opportunties

This off-season your calendar will most likely be consumed by a full-time job, private lessons, family commitments, and club tournaments. Finding a time to train won’t be easy. Fortunately, I’m providing five circuit workouts that you can squeeze into your busy days. These circuits will build muscle and burn fat, all while increasing speed, agility, and endurance. Physiological adaptations occur within the first 14 days of training, and sports related results will be pronounced shortly thereafter. The following workouts are condensed, anaerobic threshold circuits, also known as MetCons.

“MetCon” is shorthand for Metabolic Conditioning, and has recently become a household term thanks to the CrossFit community. As the foundational training methodology at Stadium Performance, MetCon circuits have been around for years – long before Stadium Performance and CrossFit adopted them. Relative to sports performance, MetCon replicates game time demands closely – often times exceeding the demands of competition. Though we’ve created each of the following MetCons with a specific sport in mind, don’t let that deter you from trying them all.

4 sets:
20 Lateral Med Ball Hops
1 Burpee
10 Med Ball Agility Feet
1 Burpee
Box Jump
Depth Jump
Repeat in Reverse
Rest 2 min
Our Soccer MetCon replicates the explosiveness and agility required for breakaways and counterattacks during a game. Med Ball agility and lateral hops mimic dribbling and passing by engaging fast twitch leg muscles through unilateral and bilateral movements. Box Jumps and Burpees replicate the quick explosive bursts players need to out-jump, outpace, and out-work opponents to create open space. For a tougher workout, decrease the rest period.

5 Sets:
8 Agility Bag Shuffles
Sprint Through Bags
Square up to Target
Sled Engagement
Repeat 3x
Rest 2min
An average football play lasts 11 seconds. Each rep of our Football MetCon will take around 13 seconds to complete. This circuit replicates the agility and explosive power output a player needs to block, drive, pursue, blitz, and/or tackle during one play. Each three rep set mimics a “three and out” possession. The 5 sets of 3 reps mimics a typical 15 play drive down the field. For a tougher workout, decrease the rest period.

(Holding 5lb Dumb Bells)
4 sets
18″ Box Jump
2 SL Squats
Depth Jump
Box Jump
Depth Jump
3 Pushups
Repeat on 24″ Box
Repeat on 30″ Box
Rest 2 min
Hockey requires extensive single-leg strength, which is why we’ve built the MetCon around the single-leg squat. Additionally, as with all sports, physical demands increase over time and thus each movement should be more difficult. Also critical to hockey is bilateral concentric explosiveness (replicated with weighted box jumps) and bilateral eccentric strength (achieved through depth jumps). Eccentric strength protects crucial joints through deceleration and change of direction. The pushups mimic a player pushing an opponent while battling for or possessing a puck in the corners. For a tougher workout, decrease the rest period.

4 Sets
30 sec split 1/4 Squats
8 Front Raise
8 Lateral Raise
8 Reverse Fly
8 Y-Press
8 Air Press
60 Front Finger Thrusters
60 Lateral Finger Thrusters
60 Overhead Finger Thrusters
Rest 2 min
A Lacrosse player must constantly have their stick in the ready position above or even with the shoulder – prepared to catch, pass, and shoot at a moment’s notice. For this reason, we’ve focused on strengthening the shoulders and forearms with a 5-way shoulder routine and 3-way finger thrusters. The split jumps mimic the sprinting and dodging a player will do to get into favorable field position during a game. The fatigue yielded by the quarter depth will prepare you to employ greater focus, footwork, and kinetic awareness through lower extremity fatigue. For a tougher workout, decrease the rest period.

4 Sets
8 TRX Crosses w/ Partner Resist (left arm)
8 TRX Crosses w/ Partner Resist (right arm)
Rest 2 min
Swinging a tennis racket or a golf club effectively requires a great deal of rotational mobility, specifically the relationship of the shoulders relative to the pelvis. TRX Crosses are an extremely effective way to engage core muscles through thoracic mobility in a similar, rotational movement while also engaging the arms, back, and legs to generate club and racket speed moving forward.

Maxim effort is required through MetCon training to achieve ultimate results. Extreme pain, difficulty breathing, nausea, and feeling lightheaded are common occurrences. Push through the pain. If outlasting your opponent is your primary objective, MetCon training the SP way is the only way.