For You. For Family. For Glory.

At Stadium Performance, we pride ourselves in creating a culture that not only embraces the power of “we” but also eliminates the insignificance of “I”. When adversity confronts you throughout your high school and collegiate athletic careers, we want you to reflect back and remember the days at SP when a single breath seemed impossible to catch. The 5:00am alarm clocks and 7:00pm conditioning sessions were consistent, unrelenting paths with no obvious end in sight. What we asked for, you delivered. Not once, but four times a week for three months. You bought into the SP philosophy: we don’t train for ourselves, we train “For You. For Family. For Glory”. We don’t train to prove people wrong, we train to prove people right.

For You – tell your coaches, tutors, teachers, peers, mentors, and heroes, “I train for you”. Throughout your athletic career, these people believed in you and encouraged your path to success. These are the people we prove right. Their selfless contributions are embedded in your soul. Their continued efforts to prepare you for collegiate athletics will not be taken for granted. You are paying forward the respect they paid to you.

For Family – give thanks for the hard work and sacrifices they have endured to grant you the opportunity to showcase your ability on a much larger stage. Understand and accept that every battle you win or lose will not only affect you, but will affect those most deeply invested in you. You have dreamed of these moments your entire life and you willing take on the responsibility of proving them right.

For Glory – relentlessly chasing perfection may not grant you ultimate glory, but the possibility to taste just a pinch of it. You train on behalf of the teammates that sore with character but lack in talent. You scratch, claw, and grind your way to the next rep for the rewards of your sacrifice. Why do you do this to yourself? For You. For Family. For Glory.