Authenticity in the SP Community

All students, whether they are participating athletes or excelling students need to place extreme emphasis on remaining authentic. High school is a difficult world in today’s society. The constant battle to gain social approval, maintain academic standing, and exceed athletic expectations are stresses imposed and exacerbated by fellow classmates, coaches, and even parents. When high school is behind you and college is nothing but a framed diploma, the world will be your stadium and the people within it will be your spectators – some supporters, others adversaries.

Newton South senior, Herbie Floyd, bleeds authenticity. Herbie is a fascinating mess and we love him for it. He’s been nicked and knocked down but never beaten. Herbie captains a football team, sings A cappella, and holds conversations like a Fidelity executive. Life was complicated a year ago but he’s simplified things now. He surrounds himself with people who compliment his strength, eliminate his weaknesses, and genuinely care about the well-being of him. Herbie is the type of person we all need to be.

Congratulations Herbie. SP is so proud of you.