Thank You for Being Different

I’ve been blessed with many great mentors in my life and from them, I’ve learned lessons through education, experience, and forewarning. One lesson over-looked by many is the lesson of differences. I am thankful to be surrounded by a staff that accepts and believes in the mission of Stadium Performance but is yet, so unlike me. We need to stop ridiculing people for being “different” and place value in them because they are. More frequently than not, life beneath the protective shell we create is much, much different than we lead on. If you want to stay sane and succeed in this world, you better be prepared for differences of religious beliefs, cultural opinions, political stances, gender preferences, and life aspirations. Life is a fundamental moment of time comprised of work, play, emotion, family, self, religion, tragedy, and love. Every person I have encountered in my lifetime has possessed a variance of those qualities and none have been considered lesser or greater to me than the other. For this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for those who oppose, question, and educate me because their beliefs conflict with mine. I am a better person for being surrounded by family, staff, mentors, and athletes that simply are not like me. I am different. You are different. We should all be thankful for being different.

Stop trying to fit in, and start trying to stand out.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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