12 Points of the SPack

Nearly one year ago SP opened the doors with a single purpose in mind – to change the way athletes change the world. No simple task, we encountered countless points of resistance along the way. Each challenge was a learning experience, and thanks to the relentless effort put forth by SP staff, families, and athletes, we continue to flourish. More now than ever before in my life, I’m surrounded by a culture that feels virtually invincible. Recognizing adversity as a fundamental component in life, we embraced the lessons learned from it and leaned on the 12 points of our creed to propel forward beyond it. This is our truth, the points of our pack.

  1. We believe in the wolf only being as strong as the pack. Through this belief system, all athletes are treated equal regardless of sport, ability, or objectives.
  2. We believe in a singular mission. Molding athletes to be strong leaders, selfless teammates, and people of character requires an example for these athletes to follow and emulate. The SP Ten Commandments describe the qualities we hope to see in our athletes on and off the field.
  3. SP was conceived in response to the ongoing demand placed on athletes from all schools, possessing all abilities, and encompassing all possible expectations. SP represents more than the collection of our beliefs – it symbolizes our pack.
  4. During the first two months of operations, weekly blizzards would temporarily prevent us from opening for days at a time. It was tempting to fall into the trap of despair but remaining on a steadfast course despite all obstacles was the path of the pack. Albeit downhill, it was still a path and we took it together.
  5. If grief merchants exist, they were certainly upon us. Misery loves company and in February, Mother Nature did all in her power to oppose the progress of our pack. With the growth of a predators mentality, we unearthed the snow and persevered.
  6. As the days grew longer and the snow began to melt, the belief in our mission steadily grew. Athletes from all corners of Boston, representing every sport and ability level, sought out Stadium Performance for an awakening – an opportunity to rise above all. Our perseverance paid off, and by the time summer session started we were running groups at full capacity. SP was flourishing.
  7. We live with short memories at SP – an understanding that we are always being watched. There will always be people who will judge. There will be infinite evaluations oozing with admiration and envy but leaving plenty of room for doubt. Despite all recognition and success, we will never settle. We welcome being judged again, again, and again.
  8. Our way will speak for itself. Sometimes we encounter an athlete or parent who is skeptical of our methodology. They want to be reassured that training at SP will, in fact, make them a better athlete and well-rounded individual. All you need to do is look at who we’ve trained and what they achieved. The success of our athlete’s lives in school, in sport, and in our communities speak for all that our pack has to offer. Sheep speak with their mouth’s. Wolves with their presence.
  9. No man is an island. Athletes represent their teachers, coaches, family, and teammates who have helped them achieve their success. Likewise, we at SP remember who propelled us to where we are today – our mentors, our family, and our doubters. There is no greater power on earth than the power of we.
  10. Along with our new-found recognition and relative success, there have also been plenty of nay-sayers. Quick to trash our methods, programming, or approach to athletics, they attacked our coaches and athletes with lies and insults. Despite burrowing their insecurities in the minds of all who would listen, we wish them no ill will. We are changing the way athletes change the world, and change frightens all who are not open to it.
  11. We resurrect seasons, confidence, and careers. No matter the injury you possess, we will rebuild you. When all anger is present, all hope has been lost, and every answer appears distant, we will lead you to a path of recovery. When you engage and then overcome, it will be your victory – not ours.
  12. We are redefining what it means to be an athlete. Athletes are forever leaders. When the last whistle sounds and the last fan leaves, the world will engulf you like the wind sways a sail. You will be prepared. You will continue to explore, lead, and share the SP way. You are part of our legacy. You are helping to change the way athletes change the world.

We are The New Culture.