Three days until Christmas. I can’t figure out if I counted wrong from the beginning or the rest of the world is wrong. Admitting fault has never been an aspect of my life that came naturally to me, just ask my wife. Never-the-less, time flew by and my job stood still. Last Friday we were blessed with a 2:00pm power group of 8 young ladies that absolutely define the characteristics of Stadium Performance. As proud athlete ambassadors of successful athletic programs from UNC, BC, Harvard, Vanderbilt, Georgetown, Providence, Holy Cross, and Bucknell, these girls set the bar for every little girl with a childhood dream. Long gone are the days of gender inequality in the NCAA athletic arena. Instead, we welcome record setters, national champions, and Olympic competitors to our world of entertainment, competition, and invigoration. Stadium Performance is a great place to be female.

Today I drafted a workout for tomorrow morning’s 6:00am adult combine training group. As of now, 7 brave men and women have signed up to re-live the experience of today’s  SP athletes. Among them, Dartmouth, Harvard, Cornell, Williams, and Holy Cross are all represented. Their day begins at 5:00am and concludes at 11:00pm. Their children dream, friendships flourish, and their fitness elevates.  The SP adult group isn’t just another hour, it’s sixty minutes with mentors, friends, and family members. Our family. The SP family.

Six thousand calories ago, four NFL-bound athletes walked into Stadium Performance and strapped up their heart rate monitors. 75 minutes later, they laid motionless on the SP turf wondering what just happened. Amongst the euphoria of our training experience, one Boston College linebacker said, “I haven’t worked this hard since summer workouts before my freshman year.” Not bad feedback for a “girls gym.”

Five minutes ago I watched the University of Albany’s junior football captain step off the weight room floor and into the locker room for the second time today. Coming off a season ending ACL injury, he decided to travel 200 miles to Stadium Performance and spend 4 hours a day making sure this injury never happens again. Stadium Performance is the one place on earth where dreams can be rebuilt even when it feels as though they have been shattered. We provide the battleground – you obtain the victory. Your success is your reward. Not ours.

In three days, on the morning of Christmas Eve, Stadium Performance will be open and nearly 50 committed adults and athletes will sway the doors of the SP player’s entrance. We will train with an intent to improve ourselves beyond the progress of Wednesday. Our athletes will show up, sacrifice their-selves accordingly, and be off to enjoy the company of their family and friends. Life at SP doesn’t come easy, but it comes with many rewards. This is our three day countdown – what is yours?