SPotlight: Kyle, Bronwyn, Connor, Bianca, & Abbie

The SPotlight is a weekly introduction to five Stadium Performance athletes. Their friendship, family, and humility, makes these SP athletes role models to many others that will come after them. As The New Culture, we aspire to promote their successes and character alike in the absence of negativity, defamation, or social exclusion. This is their story.

Bianca Brueckner, University of Michigan

Photo Jul 01, 10 29 35 AMHigh School: Three-sports letter winner (Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse) at Weston High School in Weston, MA. As a team captain and an academic All-American, Bianca amassed a staggering 161 goals and 149 assists over four years.

Personal: Bianca is enrolled in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts at the University of Michigan — majoring in communication — She is the daughter of Sean and Deborah Ford and has three siblings, Tuesday, Torin, and her twin, Beorn.

SP Compliments: Having worked with Bianca for nearly five years, I have witnessed a bright young lady mature into a sophisticated young adult. She has clawed her way to a competitive role in the Wolverine’s newly developed women’s lacrosse program and has done so in the face of multiple doses of adversity. After suffering a broken foot during her freshmen season, Bianca gained footing on the field, in the weight room, and in the class room. Bianca is a three-time U-M Athletic Academic Achievement award recipient (2014-16), she was elected to the Academic All-Big Ten team in 2015, and was the winner of Michigan’s 2015 P.R.I.D.E. Award (given to the student-athlete who exceeds the expectations of the strength and conditioning program). The last two years she has played in 28 games (all 18 in 2016) and recording four goals, including a career-high two goals in the Big Tournament quarterfinals vs. No. 15 Northwestern. Bianca is truly a diamond in the rough. There is nothing easy about participating in a division one athletic program where the demands far exceed the availability of time, energy, and resources – but with Bianca as proof, no single adverse moment or any group of setbacks can stop SP athletes from being all they ever hoped to be. Bianca’s journey is the antithesis of surrendering to the challenges of life. She is a role model for us all.

Bianca is grateful for her family and the infinite support they have provided her. Her parents have not only supported her, but they have raised her to to oppose the waves of perceived normality. Bianca is a strong woman that appreciates a good kick in the butt from focused parents that place great weight in the value of commitment, hard work, and authenticity.

Bianca has advice for others in her shoes: Don’t let self-doubt overpower your ability to take risks and succeed. Believe in yourself and get comfortable being uncomfortable. The only way to grow as an athlete and a person is through the unknowns in life.

Bronwyn Shields, Phillips Exeter Academy/University of Michigan

Photo Jul 01, 10 35 19 AMHigh School: Bronwyn was a 4-year varsity field hockey and lacrosse player at Phillips Exeter Academy. As a senior, she Captained both teams while leading her lacrosse team to a 16-1 record. She is a 2016 Lacrosse All-American.

Personal: Daughter of Carmel and John of Brookline, MA.

SP Compliments: If you say Joy, I say Bronwyn. It’s not an act. This girl is always happy. It’s raining. It’s snowing. It’s hot. No big deal! Her personality is pleasantly infectious. We don’t get the flu from Bronwyn – we get happy because of Bronwyn. I’ve worked with upwards of thousands of young athletes and have rarely come across an individual who enjoys life as much as her. She’s someone I want to pay to sit in the corner of my office and smile. Bronwyn possesses a personality and work ethic that all college coaches would absolutely die to captain their team. As she prepares for her departure to the University of Michigan, I am ever so confident that Bronwyn is going to bring a magnitude of positive energy to a blooming lacrosse program. With the spirit, talent, and drive that this girl emits, there isn’t a whole lot that isn’t possible. Mark my words..

Bronwyn is grateful for the unconditional support and encouragement she has received from her parents, friends, coaches, and peers. Many of them, particularly her parents, have made sacrifices that have allowed her to achieve success in all aspects of her young life. Bronwyn recognizes that without the love and support from those around her, she would not have the opportunities on and off the field that she does now. Respectfully so, Bronwyn notes that she is forever grateful for the many women who, through their athletic success, have paved a tremendous path for her and others.

Bronwyn has advice for others in her shoes: Keep having fun! You simply will not be happy with your successes if you aren’t doing something you love!

Kyle Moss, Walpole Express

Photo Jul 01, 10 36 10 AMHigh School: A native of Sutton, MA, Kyle prepared for two successful years at Phillips Academy Andover, in the Boston Advantage junior hockey program where he notched 13 points as a blue-liner in 2013. During his two-year stint at the highly selective, co-educational prep school, Kyle captained the big blue while collecting 10 goals and 23 assists. Following Andover, Kyle joined the Walpole Express of the EHL where he tallied 18 points during his 2015 rookie season.

SP Compliments: Kyle is the prime example of an athlete that doesn’t have time to train but finds time to train. In addition to working a full-time job at Monkey Sports, Kyle finds a way to dedicate two hours to Stadium Performance four days a week. Whether it’s 6:00am, 10:30am, 3:30pm, or 7:00pm, Kyle finds the time to take advantage of every opportunity offered to him. Kyle is physically developing right before my eyes. He bought in to the SP methodology early and will be reaping the benefits very late into his hockey career. He brings a relentless work ethic to workouts and leaves an epic sweat angel as proof of his path to succeed. In a world full of Justin Bieber’s, this guy is Johnny Cash. That’s one hell of a compliment.

Kyle is grateful for the excess of family sacrifices that have taken place on his behalf. From his mother driving him to practice at 4:30am to his father digging in to hard earned dollars to finance his athletic and academic endeavors, Kyle wants his parents to know that nothing has gone unnoticed. Various mentors, coaches, friends, and extended family members have helped and supported Kyle when they never knew they had. Kyle is thankful for the person he has become, not from self absorbance but from the relationships he has gained along the way. With the support system he has amassed, Kyle will be forever blessed with comfort that through success or failure, he knows they will always be there.

Kyle has advice for others in his shoes: Believe in yourself. You can have the support of everyone around you but without your own support, it will be hard to accomplish even the littlest goals. It’s a blessing every day to wake up and do the things you love – whether it’s athletics, academics, or other extracurricular activities. Don’t let your highs get too high and don’t let your lows get too low. Enjoy the grind, embrace the adversity, and welcome the success. It will come.

Abbie Bresnahan, Lafayette University

Photo Jul 01, 10 35 40 AMHigh School: Abbie was a four-year starter and captain of 2014 Newburyport High School women’s soccer team. Previous to tearing her ACL in the fall of her senior year, Abbie was the leading scorer on the 2013 State Championship team ranked 13th in the nation. She was the first team Cape Ann League all-star in 2013 and 2014, Eastern Massachusetts All-star 2013 and 2014, and Massachusetts All-State Team in 2014. Abbie Played club soccer with Aztec Soccer Club. AP scholar with honors, vice president of class 2012 and 2013, national honors society 2014 and 2015.

SP Compliments: The queen of the last word. I have met my match. I’ve never been in a debate club but for three hours a week, Abbie and I create our own. To put it mildly, this young lady is electric. Every person she speaks to, lights up. She has the personality of a pink bull. She’s classy but if you tease or disrespect her, she’ll run you over. Abbie drives 70 minutes in each direction from Newburyport, MA to Dedham three days a week. She spends up to three hours in traffic to train for up to two hours. She has never asked me “why” but always asks me “how.” She’s incredibly eager to learn and always quick to ask if she can try. She worked diligently to come back aggressively from an ACL injury and has superseded all possible expectations. She asks daily if she can go watch surgeries with me, help the Boston Breakers on game days, or even do another 60 minutes of soccer drills. Abbie’s uplifting attitude is the fuel that empowers our staff to help SP athletes achieve all their goals. This year Abbie was a close second place for the cherished Will to Win Award but next year, it’s well within her reach. I’m blessed to call her a friend and I’m excited to witness her collegiate path.

Abbie is grateful for her parents and soccer coaches who have supported her through everything and have always been an ongoing source of encouragement. She is also grateful for the relationship she has built with SP coaches and Boston Breakers player, Angela Salem. Her coaches have helped her develop into a person and athlete that far exceeded anything she ever imagined for herself. She is grateful for the blessings that have accompanied her setbacks and the paths that have opened as a result of their existence.

Abbie offers advice to others in her shoes:  Train twice as long as your most fierce competitor and put in twice as much effort while doing so. Never give up regardless of the obstacles but before you. You may have to go over them, around, them, or through them, but ultimately they will end up behind you if you never quit.

Connor Rodericks, Endicott College

Photo Jul 01, 10 36 19 AMHigh School: Four-year starter in goal and Captain of the 2012-13 and 2013-14 Portsmouth Abbey Mens Varsity Hockey team. He was named to the 2013-14 Providence Journal Winter Independent All-State team. Connor was a 1st Team Holt League selection in 2013-14, leading the Holt League in saves and save percentage (.916 save percentage, 41 saves-per-game average). Also a member of the cross-country and baseball teams. The past two years he has started 59 games in net for the Walpole Express of the EHL allowing 2.5 GA in regular season play and just under 1.6GA in post-season appearances.

SP Compliments: Connor is the epitome of dedication. Driving North 1-hour from the South Shore four days a week has yielded a results in the weight room that would leave any strength coach standing proud. Connor has nearly doubled his his 1-Rep max scores in just over a year and has created an opportunity to continue that growth well beyond what we all fathomed. Connor is witty and equally empathetic. He has a close circle of friends and can be counted on for anything he puts his word against. He is a loyalist, a giver, and an achiever. He’s also a goalie so he has a subset of awkward habits we have all grown to appreciate. He’s always early to training sessions and stays late to stretch, recover, and refuel. Connor has all the attributes of a great person, friend, and teammate. Endicott College is gaining a warrior in the weight room, a foot soldier on the ice, and a general in the locker room. Each one of those people is a great, great man.

Connor is grateful for the love and sacrifice his mother has provided him. He credits all his opportunities and advancements to her. “I owe her everything.”

Connor offers advice to others in his shoes: Everything in life happens for a reason. Each athlete has a different path to the next level. Don’t get caught up comparing yourself to others your age, your position, or with those who share similar goals. Focus on yourself, what you can do to get better, and who you need to surround yourself with to make that happen.

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