Hockey Players: Your Strength Coach is Injuring You

Oldie, but goody. If Mike Boyle can recycle his blogs, so can’t I.

Stadium Performance Strength Coach

With Spring finally in full swing, most NHL teams (and all NCAA hockey teams) are immersed in off-season training. A time for physical improvement and mental recovery, the off-season is also the most dangerous time of year for hockey players. It is during off-season training that too many players lay the foundation for chronic over-use injuries. Ironically, the very training intended to elevate a player’s game is often the mechanism for their downfall. I have witnessed this tragedy time and again during my career working in the trenches of the LA Kings organization. During LA’s off-season, most players worked with “outsiders”, or independent strength coaches not affiliated with the team.  These guys are the catalyst to most chronic over-use injuries in the hockey world today. How do I know this? It was my job to clean up their messes, to assemble the jumbled chaos of puzzle pieces that were my player’s injured bodies, season…

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